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Job Site Link Exchanges

2012/08/15, by , under blog, Business, visualization


As part of a PR push to get Presenting Architecture more exposure and also a great resource for the Visualization members, Presenting Architecture  has exchanged ad links with www.Archvizjobs.com. Check out their site when you get a moment. Presenting Architecture also has a job board which can be used to search for positions. This page uses the SimplyHired job board. For companies looking for talent, it only costs $5.00 to post for a position and the post will be seen throughout SimplyHired’s network that reaches over 30 million job seekers through over 25,000 job sites. Another great visualization job resource is the CGarchitect Job Board and Presenting Architecture has a direct link feed on our navigation header.

I know there are other relevant job boards for members out there, please share your resources!


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