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What is Presenting Architecture? Good help is hard to find, and finding talented presentation professionals for architecture has become almost impossible.  Architects, designers and developers are always looking for talented, dependable help them explain their work to clients and the public. This search for professionals who often perform under extreme deadlines is usually done last minute and finding the right trustworthy match for a project can make or break a presentation.  There are many different skill sets desired, communications experts, model makers, photographers and visualization artists.  With no one directory and internet searches getting harder to find the best people, Presenting Architecture was formed to fill that need.

Who is this site for? Everyone interested in any aspect of Presenting Architecture, this would include; communications experts, model makers, photographers, visualization artists, students, potential clients and the public in general.

I need a Presentation Professional, what do I do? Look in our Directory, you can search for the right Professional. If you have a project to put out to bid, simply go to our RFP Zone.

How do I use this site, what is in it for me? As a Presentation Artist, the best way to benefit from Presenting Architecture is to participate.

  1. Join! As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. Click here to join.
  2. Fill out your profile, the more information you have the better you turn up on searches both within this site and on the entire internet, this has been called ‘Google Juice’.
  3. Watch the RFP Zone, once projects are posted, you will have free access to bid on projects you never would have known about!
  4. Join and contribute to our Groups and Discussions, this will help you connect professionally, learn, teach and get work.
  5. Submit content for publication, a guest blog, project even a book review, this helps establish you as a relevant source of knowledge in your field.
  6. Follow the @PresentArch Twitter feed for current information.

If you have any problems joining or comments / suggestions, please contact me at [email protected]

There will certainly be more to come.


Robert Becker