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Q: I am having problems registering on this site.

A: User names must be one word, no caps.


Q: I registered but never received an email confirmation

A: Please contact me and I will get you set up-[email protected]


Q: How can I post my company in the Directory?

A: On the upper right side of the Directory page, there is a button ‘add your company to the directory’, click on that, or just go to the following page:



Q: How do I update or change my Directory listing?

A: From the top of the Directory page, click on ‘My Dashboard’, on the left side of your Dashboard page under ‘options’ click on the pencil icon, that will take you to the Edit Your Ad  page.


Q: How do I relist my ad once it expires?

A: Follow the directions on this page: https://presentingarchitecture.com/relisting/


Q: How do I change my Avatar in the Directory area?

A: In the Directory page, at the top is a My Dashboard link, click on that and on the right side of the page that opens is an ‘edit profile’ link, at the bottom of the page that opens is an area to change your Avatar.