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Presenting Architecture is the most comprehensive and only curated resource directory of architectural presentation specialists.  These specialists include communication experts, physical model makers, photographers and visualization artists.  There are many sources to find this talent but the searches are sketchy at best.  The Presenting Architecture Directory is the only curated resource providing extremely relevant searches and information not dependent on SEO money spent, paid searches or just being a member of a professional association.

Robert Becker, the artist behind Presenting Architecture is available to consult with your company to source the best talent for your project.  Curating the Presenting Architecture Directory, has given Robert an unparalleled knowledge of the firms both listed and not in the architectural presentation fields and Robert knows better than anyone the skills and credibility for these consultants.  Robert can quickly put together the best team for your project large or small saving you money, time and guesswork.  Robert’s experience, knowledge and artistic eye will be an asset to your team helping you obtain project approvals.

To start off, the site will address several areas.

Please use the comment area below to give suggestions as to what you might want to find on this site.