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Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest 2012

2012/04/28, by , under blog, Competition, drawing, Events, Exhibits, visualization

For the third year, Architectural Record is holding this great contest!

Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest

Zeljko Toncic, Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Milà

If you are a licensed architect or related professional who practices in the United States, you can enter this remarkable contest. All you need is a white cocktail napkin and pen to demonstrate that the art of the sketch is still alive. Two grand prize winning submissions will  be published in the September issue of Architectural Record and winners will receive a box of napkins with their sketch printed on it. Winners and finalists will be seen in our online Cocktail Napkin Sketch Gallery.View Entry FormView Complete Rules

View Past Winners for 2011 and 2010.

Deadline is 5:00 PM EST on June 22, 2012.

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