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Thomas W Schaller – The Architecture of Light

2012/01/23, by , under blog, Events, seminar

Tom Schaller has long been considered one of the foremost architectural artists in the world. In the field, he has won every major award for his artwork – including being a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. He has authored two books ; the best-selling, and AIA award of merit winner, Architecture in Watercolor, and The Art of Architectural Drawing. He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct his watercolor workshop series, “The Architecture of Light“. His artwork is collected and exhibited around the world.

Tom’s work can be seen as a ‘featured professional’ on Presenting Architecture https://presentingarchitecture.com/ads/schaller-architectural-design-presentation-2/ and at his own illustration and fine art sites:




Tom will be teaching at The Watermill at Posara  from 01-08 June 2013.Sign up before 31 August 2012 for a generous discount.Please email Bill or Lois at [email protected] for more information.

And be sure to check out their website www.watermill.net/painting-holidays  to get a sense of this amazing place and what all it has to offer.


“The Architecture of Light”- Concord

Workshop Dates: 5/13/2013 – 5/17/2013
Location: Concord, CA
United States

The California Watercolor Association

Contact Information: Wendy Oliver

“The Architecture of Light”- Oregon

Workshop Dates: 7/8/2013 – 7/12/2013
Location: Bend, Oregon
United States

Art In The Mountains 

PO Box 311
Mehama, OR 97384

Contact Information: Tracy Culbertson

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