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Exposure – A Competition Celebrating the Power of the Image

2011/12/14, by , under blog, Competition, Events, Exhibits, marketing, photography, promotion


This came into my inbox and I thought I would share it with Presenting Architecture.  It does involve registering at another portfolio site but coming from someone who runs a directory site, another link to your work is a good thing. The judges seem to be a well rounded and respected group of people to get your work in front of as well.  Basically, you join the site, pay $10 per image to enter and at the least you get another online portfolio.  The actual prizes are quite substancial.  Your Final Deadline is Tuesday, December 20th at Midnight.

Official website: http://www.artistswanted.org/exposure/index.php

Jurors: Stephen Walker, Susanne Miklas, Michael Shulman, Natasha Egan, Karen Irvine and Conor Risch.

The Grand Prize:

This winner of the Grand Prize Award is selected by our panel of esteemed judges. The People’s Choice Voting has no influence on the Grand Prize selection.

$10,000 cash grant

  • A career launching Exhibition and Reception at The Aperture Foundation Gallery
  • A Feature on the Artists Wanted Website seen by tens of thousands of users
  • Worldwide Exposure for your photos and the stories they tell.

The People’s Choice Award:

The public will cast their vote and the highest rated portfolio will receive $2,500 in cash, a two week adventure in New York City and Paris (including airfare & lodging) and international exposure via a feature with Artists Wanted seen by tens of thousands of viewers.

Voting for the People’s Choice Award will open in November.

The Category Awards

The jury panel will select photographers whose photography best exemplifies the essence of each of the following categories:

People & Portrait

Celebrates the likeness of a person of a small group of people through photos in which the face is the focus of the image. Includes: Portraits, Self-Portraits, Group Portraits and Candid photos.

Documentary / Photojournalism

Celebrates the power of photography in creating a visual account for news stories and current events. Includes: Documentary photographs, News photos.

Cloudscape, Landscape, Aerial and/or City Scape

Celebrates the beauty of clouds, sky, urban skylines, and broad areas of land. Includes: Urbanscapes, Landscapes, Cloudscape and Aerial images.

Travel / Vacation

Celebrates the landscape, people, culture, customs, and history specific to a certain geographic area. Includes: Travel and Vacation photography.

Action & Adventure

Celebrates action and adventure captured in images. Includes: Sports photography, Adventure photography.

Events (Parties, Weddings, Celebrations)

Celebrates social events captured in images. Includes: Nightlife, Celebrity, Wedding and Party photography.

Art / Conceptual

Celebrates a concept or idea captured in images and/or relays the creative vision of the photographer as artist. Includes: Artistic photography, Staged and Manipulated photography.

Nature (Plants and Animals)

Celebrates the image of animals (wild and domestic), birds, fish, insects, plants, flowers and trees. Includes: Macro/Nature, Wildlife, and Underwater photography.

Commercial (Fashion, Product & Food)

Celebrates the power of photography in illustrating a service or product. Includes: Advertising, Food, Product, Fashion, Still life and Studio photography.


Celebrates the essence/aesthetic of film photography. Includes scans of photographs originally captured using film cameras, including 35mm, Polaroid, and medium/large format cameras.

Category Award Winners will be awarded a $500 cash grant and a feature on Artists Wanted, exposing their work to tens of thousands of the most influential eyes in the photographic and arts communities.