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Architecture & Design Film Festival

2011/10/10, by , under blog, Events, Exhibits, film, seminar

While not originally in the Presenting Architecture plan, I will be doing my best to add film makers to the membership and Directory as well as film related blogs into the mix.  This added dimension should not be overlooked as films are a way to bring in a more diverse audience to the conversation of Presenting Architecture. The amount of work on so many levels need to make a film work is a tremendous undertaking.  Going to see some of these films should be on your to do list, you will come away with a different way of looking at things architecturally related and that is always good!

from the adfilmfest.com web site


The festival will return to the Tribeca Cinemas in New York this October with a completely new selection of feature length films, documentaries and shorts. Plus, there will be lively discussions with filmmakers, architects, designers and other industry leaders on a variety of topics about the design process, architecture in film, and the brilliant designs we see and use every day.

After last year’s festival, The New Yorker’s Architecture Critic, Paul Goldberger, had this to say, “Now that the Architecture & Design Film Festival has come into being, none of us in the architecture and design community can imagine how we ever did without it. It went from being a new idea to becoming an essential event in the annual calendar. I can’t wait to see what is on tap for next year”.

How this festival works:

  • 31 Films – ranging in length from a three minutes to 93 minutes.
  • Each of the individual films have been curated into 15 programs.
  • Tickets are sold by program; each program presents 1-4 films of varying lengths.
  • Programs have a total running time of approximately 90 minutes.

To purchase tickets or see the full schedule click here.

Not going to be in NYC? This festival has traveled before, stay tuned to their web site for possible new venues!

Going Global

Passion for design is global and the Architecture & Design Film Festival has been invited to participate in design events around the world with films from ADFF’s curated program lineup.

Here’s a look at some of the places we’ve traveled to in the past year: 

            Sofia Architecture Week

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