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Lumion Real-Time 3D Competition / Win $10,000 Cash

2011/08/08, by , under Competition, visualization

This competition is an amazing opportunity to expand your portfolio and gain fame and recognition. Winning $10,000 US is also nice.  http://lumion3d.com/competition

The prizes

1st prize: 10.000 US Dollar and a free Lumion 2.0 Ultimate license
2nd prize: 2.000 US Dollar and a free Lumion 2.0 Ultimate license
3nd prize: 1.000 US Dollar and a free Lumion 2.0 Ultimate license

Movie requirements

  1. Create a movie using Lumion (FREE, Basic or Ultimate are all allowed)
  2. You are allowed to use editting software to enhance the output of Lumion
  3. Any subject for your movie is allowed
  4. Movie should be 720p MP4 format.


  1. By participating you give Act-3D the right to use your entry for promotional purposes.
  2. Your entry may be spread and promoted for the purpose of promoting Lumion
  3. You should have the intellectual property rights to your entry.
  4. Your movie should not contain material from third parties which could prevent us from using your movie.
  5. You accept full damages resulting from claims made by IP holders of content included in your movie.
  6. The winner will be selected by the Act-3D jury.
  7. Should you win, cash prizes will be transferred into your back account.
  8. All taxes, insurances, transfers and other expenses resulting from the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner
  9. Act-3D reserves the right to alter, amend or close the competition as necessary
  10. Act-3D has the right to disqualify your entry if we believe your entry does not comply to these rules
  11. In case of any dispute over the rules or competition results the decision of Act-3D is binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. The competition and these rules are governed by Dutch law.

How to participate

  1. Send download link of your movie in 720p MP4 format to [email protected]
  2. Competition ends November 1 2011 make sure your send your email before this date.
  3. Make sure you include name/company name in your email.
  4. Make sure you have read the rules above.
  5. By sending us an email you participate in the competion, accepting the rules of this competition.


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