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Marilyn Davenport Photography

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Professional Photographer for eight (8) years
Works in museum, corporate and private collections
Published in books, magazines and ezines.
Professional Architectural Photography – Member of the International Association of Architectural Photography (IAAP).
Professional Fine Art Photography to hang on interior walls

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"Marilyn's Architectural Photography fit so well with the ongoing featured images of the City of Houston and its agenda of showcasing our hometown artists and architects.

She was also featured in a Artist showcase within the halls of City Hall in 2006. I would recommend Marilyn as a very valuable asset and contributor to any organization, company or group.

Her experience with graphical software, tools, website authoring and imaging is very professional.

Brian K. Hecht” September 20, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
1st Brian Hecht,
hired Marilyn as a Photographer in 2006

" The beauty and design of her images put that extra special signature that she possesses in all her work. Marilyn ability to cross boundaries from fine art to commercial are undeniably extraordinary. One supports and celebrates the other bringing out the best in her fine art as well as her commercial works. She blends and captures the moment, mood and composition of her work while presenting a novel of ideas within. Volumes. She possesses the ability to transcend and captivate wherever and whatever she is presented with. My recommendations are a solid yes.”

November 19, 2010
1st Steve Collier, Creative Director/Designer, CollierGraphica
was with another company when working with Marilyn at
Marilyn Davenport Photography

“I have known Marilyn Davenport for over a decade and in that time she has proven herself to be an outstanding commercial photographer. Davenport’s fine art sensibility and sharp eye for design and composition designates her as a “stand out” creator. Marilyn’s works are in museums as well as corporate and private collections. She has received international awards, successfully competing against artists from many different countries. Marilyn’s well received photography has been published in photography periodicals, magazines and books. She is a prolific artist with tremendous drive and ambition, her incredible insight coupled with an uncanny ability to understand her client’s needs makes her a much sought after professional photographer and designer with an impeccable reputation.”

August 17, 2010
1st Wendy Robbins, Owner, Art Director, Visuals Creative Arts Production
worked with Marilyn at Marilyn Davenport Photography

“I have purchased several of Marilyn's pieces of art work, as I consider them more than mere photography. I admire here choice of subjects and the wonderful sense of light and color they capture. A couple of her pieces hang in our corporate offices at EZCheck in Houston. I highly recommend her.”

September 30, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
1st Randy Rutledge,
hired Marilyn as a Photographer in 2005


Small Business


Numerous Photography Awards


Museum Collections




Degreed Professional

professional organizations

IAAP: International Association of Architectural Photography (link given at top of page)

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