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2012/08/20, by , under AIA, blog, drawing, Events, visualization

Vizcaya Venetian Barge, Miami
Frank Costantino

While I have been posting and commenting on some of the more exotic destinations to do some continuing education work there are some events in some beautiful cities that might be easier to travel to (at least for the USA members).  First, new Presenting Architecture member, but longtime illustrator Frank Costantino has a great  program called Around Downtown-Providence RI just listed for September 14, 15 & 16, 2012 in the Events Calendar. This workshop can be split up into single day(s) or a full three consecutive day program.

Second is Sketching on Location, September 14 & 15 at Balboa Park in San Diego with Richard Scott aka Graphics Teacher. This event is being organized by Brandon Reed, a moderator and super promoter of the great web site Land8Lounge. For more information please see the official event page: http://land8.com/events/event/show?id=2025679%3AEvent%3A527038&xg_source=msg_invite_event

Either of these two events will keep your skills tight and be a fun, creative outlet as well.

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